Some of the poems from my Asperger's set than I am trying to get published:



Every day of life

Wake up.

Get knocked down.

Pain .

Illness .

What next? Never knowing how am gonna feel.

Never know what symptoms I will have The constant battle to stay positive

Every day.




In a room full of people you know but alone.

Behind glass. Watching. Waiting .

Noises come out but none are heard. Just a body.

Looking on.

A nothingness.

 ( this isn't in my first set that I am hoping to get published but could be in the next set)


Inside my head  the words are quiet.

Pitch perfect I am programmed this way .

The words echo and vibrate around the room, or so they think.

When actually they're travelling. To the heart .

To make them feel Positive. Make them sparkle.

I am not shouting .

I am talking.




An outcast of society.

Branded, burnt.

I lay on the pile called life, stuck in a lake of soup.

I can’t move, keep going but I have to.

I wake up each day .

I step along, writing the words to my beat, my song.


A small action to him was  a big one to her.

Brave. The bravest thing she had done all day.

A smile.



When people put me in a box I am not in.

Trap me .

They corner me . 

Have nowhere to go, to move.

No space to breath.

No clean air.

I am not me.

I don’t know who I am any more.




Random selection of poems I have written :




A boy.

Barely an adult

Leaves his home and everything he knows.

Sets off.p0ppppp


Heart tight with love.

A love that he has to share.

Spread all around.

Badge on.



2 years on.


Left  footprints in several places.

He has changed lives.

Re moulded and shaped many.




Badge off now.




Some love poems I have written 

Sat on a log . Rain in the air.

Our hearts and minds entwined .

Bodies attached . Souls stitched together .

Leicester. .

Date 7.


Hot rain

His body odor smelt of love.

Like hot rain he was a relief. A cushion .

A blanket.

His smile cut you like a knife.

Split you in two and filled you with positivity.



We go down to the lowest of low.

Our pieces disperse. We have melted

But then we upsurge .

Glue the fracements back together.

Become one.






Free from anything.

In a completely different world.

Taken away from Earth, the room.

There in body but not mind

In a state of just being, existing.

No feeling or emotion

Just there.

Breathing but not living.

Just a body on a chair



from anything.


God’s creation 


Clouds dot the sky, like an unfinished jigsaw.

Green and orange mix together, 

on water, a reflection 

Food like perfume, drifts on a breeze.

The water makes the boat dance up and down.

Am in awe, at peace.

A slice of life.

An imprint of GOD’s work.

GOD’s creation.




Mind Abuse 

It's the feeling.

That slips and slides into your brain .

Blinds you. Consumes you .

Eats you up .

Until Everything is red .

No white in sight .So you pray

Pray to over come this mind abuse.

Your addiction.