What is Asperger’s?

Asperger’s is a  form of Autism.


I have Asperger's but I am on the Autistic Spectrum.


  The brain of people with Asperger’s  will work differently to those without it.  All people with Asperger's are different- have different traits. There is a spectrum - like a rainbow and everyone with Asperger’s  or Autism is on this spectrum -some where along the rainbow.  


People on the Autistic Spectrum need support to help cope with their difficulties. With support from family, friends, work etc they can do whatever they want to do.



Do not forget Asperger’s is only a part of the person with it . It is only a part of them.  They have many things about them that are not to do with their difficulty. 

Do not get put off  someone because they are  on the Autistic Spectrum.


 They may have diffculties and act differently to people not on the spectrum  (called neurotypical people),  but they deserve to be able to have the best life they possibly can just like you!


You may not know what to say or do around them but if you ask and take the time to learn about their situation and traits/Asperger’s in general, you will see it will make  a huge diffference to their lives and it's really not hard to do!


So take the time to understand Asperger’s and Autism .

Support people around you with the condition and help people with it to have the best life they can!