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Hey, I am Ella Frances Sanderson. 

I am a poet with High Functioning Asperger’s.  I have written a set of poems about my Asperger’s titled A Window into Asperger’s.

Performing experience

When I was a teenager  in Ilkley Young Writers I peformed my  poetry in many locations such as Chapel FM Radio and The Bronte Parsonage.  I worked on the Stanza Stones project in conjunction with Simon Armitage and Ilkley Young Writers and even ended up performing poetry on the Moor and in the Kings Hall, Ilkley.  

Since leaving young writers I have done lots of performances.

I have done several open mics and been paid to perform in Saltburn at an event called DiVerse.   I was picked to perform in Newcastle as part of a BBC competition to find new voices in the North.  


I did my own event at the Ilkley fringe festival where I performed my poems on my Asperger's, showed a video about Asperger's and then Alex Asher performed some poetry about social difficulties and being transgender

Courses/Workshops/Poets worked with.

I have done many workshops with poets such as Dajit Nagra, Malika Booker, Sai Murray, and continue to do them whenever the opportunity rises . 

I did a week's writers' course with Arvon.

I have worked with the wonderful poets Becky Cherriman and Michele Scally Clarke when I was in Ilkley Young Writers for about 4 years and the lovely poet  Maria Stephenson, when I did her 'Write a Collection in a Year' course.







I won the first stage of a BBC competition and I was one of 15 in the North East to be able to go to two workshops and then do a performance  with Malika Booker. 


I won 1st prize in the Wharfedale Festival poetry Competition.

I have have been  some poems published.  First in a book of poems about the Moor in connection with the Stanza Stones Project with Simon Armitage.  Secondly in a book about the Bronte Family for the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

I also won a competition to be published in a book about the NHS and I was also published in a  book called the Night School Poets after I had  been on a  night school poetry course with Maria Stephenson and I am published in a book about being single and 40 and my poems in there are about being friends with any age and why is it so wrong to be single at 40 and various anthologies about the Corona Virus pandemic and during this time two poems got published online too




Have a look on their website under spectrum stories


Contact me  on twitter  @EllaSanderson18 or my email address


Contact me to talk about poetry in general, about my poetry, to view a sample of my poetry,  Asperger’s, about publication, open mics or all of these!